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Inaugurated in 1972, the Québec Government Office in Brussels seeks to promote Québec and its interests in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, as well as within the European institutions

Covered territories

Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.


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We recruit a European and multilateral Affairs Assistant May 11, 2022 The Québec Government Office in Brussels is recruiting a European and multilateral affairs assistant.
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Québec is recruiting in Belgium ! April 27, 2022 (see below)
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Bootlegger by Caroline Monnet at the festival Elles tournent in Brussels May 17, 2022  to  May 22, 2022 | Arts and Culture Bootlegger by Caroline Monnet Set in present-day northern Québec. Mani, a bright and ambitious young lawyer of Native American descent, returns to her community to help her people break free from the outdated laws that govern...
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Retrospective of director Dominic Gagnon at Cinema NOVA in Brussels May 19, 2022  to  May 21, 2022 | Arts and Culture Photo: Annik MH de Carufel (Le Devoir) Dominic Gagnon is a filmmaker based in Québec who has been making films exploring the hidden corners of the Internet for over ten years now. He uses directly the videos of users posted on...
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The band TOPS from Montréal on tour in the Netherlands and in Belgium May 21, 2022  to  June 5, 2022 | Arts and Culture Credit : Tess Roby Described by Les Inrocks as "the freshest Canadian band of the moment" on the occasion of the release of their album "Sugar At The Gate", TOPS is now back on the scene with a new opus. With this new record...
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