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× It is URGENT for all Quebecers abroad to take advantage of the flights that are still available to come back home.

We remind you that all people returning to Québec must place themselves in isolation for a period of 14 days.

For all information concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19): Québec.ca/coronavirus

For emergency help overseas:

Email : sos@international.gc.ca
Phone : 1 613 996-8885
Text : 613 209-1233
Online emergency request form
Registration of Canadians Abroad
Financial help for Canadians outside Canada
The Québec Government Office in New York is Québec’s primary representation in the United States. The Office promotes the interests of Québec in the following sectors: business, investment, government institutions, education, culture and public affairs. Inaugurated in 1940, the Office serves the Mid Atlantic region, which includes eight states.

Québec and the United States: Prospering together

Bilateral trade

Bilateral Trade

$66 billion

Québec is the
United States’ 10th largest trading partner



$3.4 billion

Spent each year by
Quebeckers traveling to the U. S.


Québec Presence
in the U. S

More than 12 000 Québec
companies do business
in the United States

Job Creation

Job Creation

255k jobs

Over 250 000 Americans
work for Québec-owned businesses
in the United States

Covered territories

Québec Government Office in New York

Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.


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