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Research and innovation

Québec is a remarkable research and innovation powerhouse.

According to the most recent statistics, Québec devoted 2.32% of its GDP to R&D in 2013, the highest rate of any Canadian province. Québec is booming and is well positioned in the global scientific community. Indeed, the Québec population accounts for 0.1% of the world’s population, but Québec researchers participate in 1.0% of scientific publications at the international level.

A standout environment

  • The highest number of researchers per thousand people employed in Canada: 10.2 per 1,000 (2013 data).
  • A leader in numerous fields and in tune with global trends, Québec possesses a rich pool of talent and natural resources.
  • With 18 universities, several of which stand out in international rankings, Québec trains a highly skilled workforce.
  • Québec offers one of the most generous tax credit programs in the world.

A dynamic and sustainable environment

  • A number of policies have been put in place to support the development of growth sectors and the emergence of new leading-edge sectors. The Québec government is proactive to ensure that it remains a frontrunner among knowledge economies.
  • The cutting-edge research infrastructure that exists throughout Québec benefits from massive investments.
  • The excellence of public research, including that of educational institutions, and its interaction with the vitality of Québec’s business community create a synergy that fosters and promotes a strong culture of innovation and a highly competitive business environment.
  • Indeed, collaborative endeavours are the centrepiece of Québec’s vision of development. It should be added that Québec boasts various sectoral industrial research groups and pre-competitive research consortiums. It is also integrated into the main international research networks, and its researchers benefit from bilateral agreements with partners in various countries.

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For more information on research and innovation in Québec, contact the Québec Government Office covering your territory.

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