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Québec is known for its wide variety of metals and a business environment that welcomes mining investments. Come and explore its vast territory of which less than 7% is covered by mining rights.

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A Québec industry with vast export potential

Québec has developed expertise in mining extraction and operations as well as in the development of innovative products and services for the industry.

Québec is a world leader in the acquisition of geoscience data. This strong point is leading to the development of numerous innovations that help Québec’s mining industry stay competitive internationally.

Essential minerals

Several mining companies are implementing major investment projects to expand their active mines or develop new ones. Projects focus on substances that Québec already produces, such as iron ore, gold and nickel, in addition to new substances not currently mined in Québec, like lithium, rare earths, diamonds and graphite.

A dynamic and sustainable environment

Québec’s mineral strategy builds on mining exploration and development know-how acquired over generations and is moving Québec into the future by ensuring sustainable mining. The mineral strategy is based on three strategic targets:

  • creating wealth and preparing the future of Québec’s mining sector
  • ensuring environmentally friendly mineral development
  • fostering mineral development that is community-related and integrated into the environment.

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To learn more about Québec’s mining industry, contact the Québec Government Office covering your territory.

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