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High voltage expertise

The Québec energy sector is recognized for its renewable energy sources.

Despite its modest population of eight million, Québec is the world’s fourth largest producer of hydroelectricity. The production cost of this renewable energy resource is among the lowest in North America.


Québec has approximately 230 MW of installed capacity for energy production from forest biomass and more than 50 MW from biogas. Six new projects, totalling 145 MW are slated to be operational by 2015.

Research and innovation

Several research centres in Québec work to support innovation and the growth of companies in the energy sector, including:

  • Hydro-Québec’s Electricity Research Institute (IREQ): the largest utility-run research institute in North America
  • the Hydrogen Research Institute (HRI), specializing in research on hydrogen production and storage.

Contact us

To learn more about Québec’s energy industry, contact the Québec Government Office covering your territory.

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