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An industry with a solid foundation

Québec’s harsh and intense climate has shaped the character of its construction sector and enabled it to develop unique expertise. The sector’s ability to adapt techniques is currently matched only by its capacity to design increasingly efficient products and materials.

Daring to think outside the box with the goal of excelling and exporting expertise is the norm in this creative environment. Stakeholders in this Québec-based industry have built a solid reputation both at home and abroad.

A creative environment where daring to think outside the box is the norm

  • A multitude of world-class consulting engineering companies, major architectural firms, construction companies and building materials manufacturers that export their know-how and products throughout the world.
  • Home to many research centres and experts in the field.

Creativity that leads to results

The “green building” concept has prompted the construction industry to perfect new materials and products that are more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

Insulating materials, membranes, exterior siding, high energy efficient windows, heat recovery fans and geothermal heating systems are among the products that have earned Québec its reputation for excellence.

Québec wood is a wise environmental choice as a building material since it is renewable, recyclable and has a low environmental footprint. In addition, forests are managed in accordance with sustainable forest management principles. The use of wood in Québec is a technology that has been mastered as a result of know-how stemming from a long tradition. Recognized for their resilience, extensive availability and distinctive species, Québec wood products are easily adaptable to all types of projects and bring high added value from both a structural and visual perspective.

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