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Vue Aérienne, Université Laval, Québec, © Marc Robitaille Aerial photo of Université Laval © Université Laval, Québec, photo by Marc Robitaille Zoom in image "Vue Aérienne, Université Laval, Québec, © Marc Robitaille"

Study in

MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy Rouge et Or Football Team of Université Laval © MESRST : Photo by Jean Désy Zoom in image "MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy"

Studying in Québec, a world of advantages!


Studying in Québec means benefitting from a world-class educational system and stimulating student life in a unique environment

With its cutting-edge institutions, low tuition fees, and expert faculty and researchers, Québec has everything it takes to make your studies a success.

MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy © TQ : Christian Savard Zoom in image "MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy"

Learning French


Studying in Québec is also an opportunity to live and study in French

To facilitate the integration of foreign students, the Government of Québec offers a wide range of options for learning French. It’s about more than teaching. It’s about sharing our culture.

Photographe: Geneviève Bonesso © Université de Montréal, photo de Geneviève Bonesso Zoom in image "Photographe: Geneviève Bonesso"

My university studies


University studies in Québec offer a world of possibilities

In addition to benefiting from world-renowned programs, many of which are offered in collaboration with international institutions, you will live in a healthy, stimulating environment. The steps to take for studying in Québec are also extremely simple.

Photographe: Yves Lacombe © Université de Montréal, photo by Yves Lacombe Zoom in image "Photographe: Yves Lacombe"

My college studies


College studies in Québec give you access to a unique educational system

CÉGEPs—a particularity of the Québec system—offer pre-university and technical programs. It is in a way a transition between secondary school and university or the labour market.

MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy Technicians © MESRST : Photo by Jean Désy Zoom in image "MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy"

My vocational studies


Vocational studies in Québec offer access to some of the best training in the world

Enjoy access to outstanding programs at Québec’c state-of-the-art vocational training centres. With their hands-on approach, you’ll acquire all the tools you need to learn the trade of your dreams!

MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy Technicians © MESRST : Photo by Jean Désy Zoom in image "MESRST - Copyright Jean Désy"

The Québec system


In Québec, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy a stimulating learning environment
  • Acquire work experience
  • Perfect your French
  • Experience a unique quality of life
Université McGill © McGill University Zoom in image "Université McGill"

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