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The Accelerated Growth Center (AGC) helps Québec companies with their U.S. business development project. It offers participating companies a platform that connects them to selected consultants who can provide them with strategic assistance for their specific needs.


General information

In addition to working closely with its network of experts from renowned U.S. business advisory firms, the AGC is constantly looking to identify and recruit consultants in various sectors (manufacturing, high tech, consumer goods, fashion, food and beverage, services, transportation, life science, energy, etc.).

All consultants referred by the AGC have specialized expertise, which allows the selected companies to benefit from a full range of different services:

  • Market development
  • Business strategies
  • Commercialization/marketing
  • Legal services
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Financing and investment
  • Acquisitions and partnerships

The AGC identifies which consultants can best meet the strategic assistance needs of the selected companies before referring them.

The companies are then responsible for choosing the consultants with whom they wish to work. They are also responsible for determining the deliverables and negotiating the fees.


Send us your service offer!

To register your advisory firm with the AGC, fill out the Request for Information form.


N.B. If you are using a Mac computer, you need to save the form on your computer BEFORE filling it out. You then need to complete it with Adobe Reader (version 8.0 or higher) to avoid compatibility problems. If you are using a PC computer, disregard this notice.

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