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How it works

Every six months, the AGC puts together a cohort of six to eight companies following a call for applications.

The applications submitted by companies are reviewed and evaluated by a governance committee according to pre-established selection criteria and a detailed evaluation grid.

Once the companies are selected, the AGC identifies U.S. based consultants which can best meet their business development needs. The consultants are referred to the companies and can assist them for a period of 6 to 18 months.

The participating companies are responsible for choosing the consultants with whom they wish to work. They are also responsible for determining the deliverables and negotiating the fees.


Services for participating companies

The AGC offers participating companies a platform that connects them to U.S. based consultants who have the specialized expertise they need:

  • Marketing and sales acceleration strategy
  • Business development
  • Recruitment
  • Acquisitions and partnerships
  • Legal advice, trade regulations
  • Financing
  • Geographical markets to be targeted
  • Etc.

In addition to services provided by consultants working with the AGC, companies can also benefit from the support and market expansion services offered by Export Quebec and Québec government offices in the United States.

Québec Government offices in the United States can also provide participating companies with free access to work stations, telephone and videoconferencing systems, as well as meeting and reception rooms.


Eligibility requirements for companies

To be eligible, a company must have total annual sales of over $25 million; be present in at least two markets outside Québec, including the United States; and have its home office or an important place of business located in Québec.

The company must also show its determination to expand in the U.S. as well as a degree of leadership in its line of business. Furthermore, the company must submit a detailed business plan and project at least three years of sustained growth for its activities in the United States. Finally, it must be able to detail the resources (financial and human) that it plans to commit in order to achieve the objectives of its project with the AGC.

Only companies that can clearly state their business development assistance needs will be considered.The applications received by the AGC are evaluated by a governance committee according to pre-established selection criteria and a detailed evaluation grid.


N.B. If you are using a Mac computer, you need to save the form on your computer BEFORE filling it out. You then need to complete it with Adobe Reader (version 8.0 or higher) to avoid compatibility problems. If you are using a PC computer, disregard this notice.


Financial assistance

Companies that qualify for the Quebec government’s Export Program may receive, under certain conditions, financial assistance for up to 40% of the eligible expenses they incur as part of their project with the AGC. Eligible expenses include the fees charged by the consultants and a lump sum for a limited number of trips in the U.S.

This assistance is intended to support companies facing financial pressure that could compromise their project with the AGC. It is granted based on the following criteria:

  • Net profits ≤ 10 million Canadian dollars
  • Liquidity ratio [(current assets − stock) / current liabilities] ≤ 1.5

If your company is not eligible according to the above-stated criteria, but believes that financial assistance would be necessary to carry out its U.S. expansion project, please contact the AGC for a more detailed analysis.


N.B. If you are using a Mac computer, you need to save the form on your computer BEFORE filling it out. You then need to complete it with Adobe Reader (version 8.0 or higher) to avoid compatibility problems. If you are using a PC computer, disregard this notice.



Call for applications:

1st call for applications: Winter 2017 (closed) (See the list of participating companies)

2st call for applications: Deadline October 23rd 2017

3st call for applications: Spring 2018




Participating companies

1st cohort – From May 1, 2017 to April 30, 2018


    ECOSYSTEM is a company specialized in improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the productivity of industrial plants. It provides maintenance for value-added assets and constructs residual thermal energy recovery and recycling systems. This construction engineering company acts as the design-builder for each of its projects. It was founded in Québec City in 1993 and now has offices in Québec City, Montréal, Toronto, Calgary, New York and Boston.

    FRUITS D'OR is an international company specialized in processing high quality cranberry and blueberry products. It is a leader in Canada and offers a wide range of products adapted to the needs of all stakeholders in the agri-food sector, whether they are looking for fresh fruit, dried fruit, frozen fruit, fruit juice, fruit concentrate, puree or powder. The company was founded in 2000 in Québec and now exports to the rest of Canada, the United States and Europe.

    MIRALIS is a Québec company that was founded in 1976. It has built its reputation as a kitchen designer through its pioneering vision and the impeccable quality of its products. The company is based in Rimouski. Initially specializing in kitchen cabinets, it was quickly recognized for having an artistic vision ahead of its time. Today, Miralis carries out major projects and exports its talent and expertise around the world.

    OPTEL VISION was founded in Québec City in 1995. Its expertise in engineering, optics, electronics, data processing, digital technology, mechanics and robotics, combined with its global presence, enables it to solve highly complex problems. The company has offices in Canada, Ireland, Brazil and India.

    PAJAR CANADA is a family-owned company that manufactures shoes, clothing and accessories inspired by the Canadian heritage, including Pajar Canada Heritage Premium boots, the Pajar Sports collection and its line of high-performance outerwear. Founded in 1963, the company has production facilities in Montréal, Europe and Asia.

    RUDSAK is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of top-of-the line leather clothing, shoes and accessories. The brand was founded in 1994 by its visionary and creative leader, Evik Asatoorian, who continues to oversee the concept and design of its collections. Based in Montréal, Rudsak still reflects its Canadian legacy and Montréal roots, while exporting throughout Canada. The company has recently ventured into the U.S. market.

    TERMACO develops and integrates solutions for the protection of energy storage systems. It operates plants in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Reading, Pennsylvania, and is a leading North American supplier of battery trays, modules, racks and battery cabinets for uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. It also designs and manufactures high performance protective solutions for the industrial battery industry.

    VARITRON designs, assembles, and ensures the integration of highly complex electronic systems in such cutting-edge sectors of activity as smart grids, defence, optics, aeronautics, transportation, security, telecommunications, automated systems and medical equipment. With its three facilities as well as numerous partnership agreements and strategic alliances with key players at the international level, the company is able to fully serve its customers and provide them assistance with their innovation and development efforts.

2st Cohort – From June 15, 2017 to June 15, 2018

  • EXO-S

    EXO-S is an integrated supplier of global engineered injection and blow-molded thermoplastic systems for automotive and specialty markets, including the following sectors: agriculture, construction, forestry, household appliances, toys, watercraft, and recreational vehicles. Established in 2012, the company has operations in Québec, the United States and Mexico, in addition to partnerships in China, Korea, Spain, France and Poland.

    THE BUGATTI GROUP Group is a company specializing in the manufacture and sale of travel bags, shoulder bags, document cases, briefcases and other accessories for business people and travellers. The group manufactures and distributes its products worldwide via its brands: Bugatti, Joanel, Mouflon, Traveldesk and the Céline Dion collection.

    MARQUIS provides optimal solutions to content owners in the publishing and communications industry in Canada, the United States and Europe. Its recognized leadership is based on offering one-stop shopping for file management, graphic design and traditional printing, primarily in the book sector, as well as for many other types of bound publications. Established in 1937, Marquis is a partner of choice for thousands of publishers and content owners the world over.

    MONTEL provides profitable storage solutions that take up less space, primarily through the manufacture of high-density mobile storage systems. Montel has earned a name for itself around the world as a manufacturer of products for offices, institutions, industries, businesses and even the residential sector. The company was established in 1924 and now serves clients in North America, Central America, Europe and the Middle East.

    O SOLE MIO provides its customers with the freshest flavours of Italy by creating ready-to-serve products made from the best ingredients. The company has a superior-class LEED manufacturing plant and uses the most technologically advanced equipment that allows for strict control measures and innovative production techniques. The company was founded in Québec in 1998 and exports throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico.

    OUELLET CANADA is a Canadian leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of electric heating products for residential, commercial and industrial use. Headquartered in L’Islet (Quebec) since 1960, the company has conquered the Canadian, U.S., and overseas markets by constantly pushing the limits of innovation and keeping research and production firmly focused on high-performance electrical heating products.

    SIGMA INDUSTRIES manufactures composite and metal products. As a specialized integrator for transportation industries (trucks, urban and long distance buses), construction, wind energy, agriculture and recreational vehicles, the company provides comprehensive engineering, design, research and development, manufacturing and assembly services.

3st Cohort – September 2017


    ROLAND BOULANGER & CO is a leading Canadian manufacturer of mouldings and wood components that meet global quality standards. The mouldings are available at construction material retailers, renovation centres, hardware stores and big-box stores. The company also produces custom components for the furniture, kitchen cabinet, door and window, and pre-fab home industries.

    ROYER manufactures ASTM, CSA and ISO/EN approved safety footwear for the Canadian, American and European markets. The company’s expertise in developing and manufacturing boots for extreme conditions led to the recent development of its military footwear category. Royer also provides services for developing products adapted to the needs of workers in the most extreme industrial environments on the planet in order to address work footwear protection, durability and discomfort issues. The company was established in 1934 and now does business in eleven countries.

4st Cohorte – Spring 2018

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