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Québec and the United States: Prospering together

Québec and the U.S. have a deep historical and mutually beneficial relationship. This relation is one of the reasons why one of the world’s most competitive economic zones has been established in North America.

Our prosperity depends directly on maintaining strong economic ties. Let’s work together to make it even stronger!

Bilateral trade

Bilateral trade

$66 billion 

Québec is the United States’
10th trading partner



$3.4 billion

Spent each year by
Quebeckers traveling to the U. S.


Québec's presence
in the U. S.

More than 12,000 Québec
companies do business
in the United States

Job Creation

Job Creation

255k U. S. jobs

Over 250 000 Americans
work for Québec-owned businesses
in the United States


CUSMA makes us stronger

Québec is a strong supporter of free trade and believes that North American economic integration must not only be maintained, but also strengthened.

Since CUSMA came into force, the value of bilateral trade in goods between Canada and the United States doubled while creating jobs on both sides of the border.


32 U.S. states

have Canada as their #1 customer

Job Investment

9 M U.S. jobs

depend on trade and investment
from Canada

CUSMA is a $19 trillion regional market with 470 million consumers

We believe CUSMA can be improved and modernized in a way that benefits us all.

It is in the interest of both Québec and the United States to seize all opportunities to solidify our partnership and strengthen our competitiveness on the continent and around the world.


About Québec



8.4 million


of the Canadian



$300 billion

nearly 20%

of the Canadian


Key sectors




Figures are based on 2016 data in U.S. dollars, as of April 2017, except for tourism data which are based on 2014.

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