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Québec has maintained an office in New England since 1970, recognizing the region’s importance as a neighbour and a partner in a wide array of sectors.

The Québec Government Office in Boston’s mandate is to defend and promote Québec’s interests throughout the region and to foster economic, political, artistic, academic and institutional exchanges with the six New England states.

Québec and the United States: Prospering together

Bilateral trade

Bilateral trade

$66 billion

Québec is the United States’
10th trading partner



$3.4 billion

Spent each year by
Quebeckers traveling to the U. S.


Québec Presence
in the U. S

More than 12 000 Québec
companies do business
in the United States

Job Creation

Job Creation

255k U. S. jobs

Over 250 000 Americans
work for Québec-owned businesses
in the United States

Covered territories

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


Research, Innovation and Industry Internship - Summer 2018 March 27, 2018 Research, Innovation and Industry Internship Summer 2018 35 hours per week This internship is open to students enrolled in an American university
Government Relations Internship for students attending American universities February 15, 2018 New England enters 2018 with all six of its governors and a number of its congressional and state representatives up for re-election. The Public Affairs team at the Québec Government Office in Boston (DQB) is tasked with analyzing these mid-term elections and maintaining the strong New England-Québec relationship once...
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Québec National Day: NH PoutineFest, Manchester, NH (June 23) June 19, 2018 The NH PoutineFest, organized by the Franco-American Center of New Hampshire as part of the Franco-American Heritage Day and Québec National Day,celebrates poutine, the French-Canadian culinary masterpiece .
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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Parlement francophone des jeunes des Amériques July 8, 2018  to  July 15, 2018 | Politics Please refer to the French version of this event for more information on how to submit your application.
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THEATRE : Jabber by the Geordie Productions February 15, 2018  to  February 15, 2018 | Arts and Culture 9:30 am Flynn Center- Burlington, VT -- The Québec theatre company Geordie Productions will be presenting its touching play Jabber at the Flynn Center, in Burlington, VT, in February 2018. This presentation is part of the Student...
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CALL FOR PROPOSALS - 21st biennial conference of the ACQS November 1, 2018  to  November 4, 2018 | Francophonie The American Council for Québec Studies invites proposals for papers and panels for their upcoming conference in November 2018, taking place in New Orleans. Proposals related to any aspect of Québec studies are welcome and will be...
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