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Québec offices abroad

  • Business

    Providing a fertile business environment, skilled labour, abundant energy and a strategic position between North-America and Europe. Québec is THE place to thrive.

  • Immigrate

    Québec has an open, cosmopolitan society, and offers a truly unique living environment. Discover the benefits of moving to Québec, working there and perhaps starting a family.

  • Arts and Culture

    As a cultural beacon in North-America, Art takes centre stage in Québec. Above all, Québec is all the creative women, men and children who keep reinventing the world each day.

  • About

    As North-America’s only francophone and exceptionally vibrant territory, Québec invites you to come and experience it for yourself.

  • Study in

    Student life in Québec combines very high quality education with a richness and intensity of life highly conducive to exchanges, meetings and the all-important…parties!

  • Visit

    Experience Québec being brought to life through its strongly contrasting seasons, each of them presenting a unique opportunity to discover its multiple facets. Magical!

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Représentations du Québec à l'étranger

Through its network, Québec offers services, advices, and activities adapted to the characteristics of different countries to businesses, creators, researchers, and Québec institutions.

Québec offices abroad

North America

Atlanta  FR | EN

Québec Trade Office in Atlanta

Boston  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in Boston


Chicago  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in Chicago


Houston  FR | EN

Québec Trade Office in Houston


Los Angeles  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in Los Angeles


Mexico  FR | ES

Québec Government Office in Mexico

Newsletters (French only)

New York  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in New York


Silicon Valley  FR | EN

Québec Trade Office in Silicon Valley


Washington  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in Washington


Barcelone  FR | ES

Québec Government Office in Barcelone

Berlin  FR | DE

Québec Trade Office in Berlin


Bruxelles  FR | EN | NL

Québec Government Office in Bruxelles


Londres  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in Londres


Munich  FR | DE

Québec Government Office in Munich


Paris  FR

Québec Government Office in Paris

Newsletters (French only)

Rome   FR | IT

Québec Government Office in Rome

Stockholm  FR | EN

Investissement Québec Office in Stockholm


Beijing  FR | ZH

Québec Government Office in Beijing


Hong Kong  FR | ZH

Québec Government Immigration Office in Hong Kong 


Mumbai  FR | EN

Québec Government Office in Mumbai

Séoul  FR | KO

Québec Trade Office in Séoul


Shanghai  FR | ZH

Québec Government Office in Shanghai


Tokyo  FR | JA

Québec Government Office in Tokyo


South America

São Paulo  FR | PT

Québec Government Office in São Paulo


Dakar  FR

Québec Government Office in Dakar

International Organizations

Paris  FR | EN

Francophone and Multilateral
Affairs Delegation


Québec's presence as a member
of the Permanent Delegation
of Canada to UNESCO


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