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Inaugurated in 1972, the Québec Government Office in Brussels seeks to promote Québec and its interests in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands, as well as within the European institutions.

Covered territories

Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands.


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The word of the Delegate General about his recents activities September 17, 2020 (please see the French version)
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Summary of the Strategic Activities 2019-2020 of the Québec Government Office in Brussels July 16, 2020 SUMMARY OF STRATEGIC ACTIVITIES 2019-2020 QUÉBEC GOVERNMENT OFFICE IN BRUSSELS
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#CultureChezNousQc : access cultural offer from Québec online ! June 4, 2020  to  August 31, 2020 | Arts and Culture In the current context where culture is highly impacted, Quebec artists have agreed to make online content available to the general public while waiting for their return on stage ! So the Réseau ADN and Québec numérique have...
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The exhibition Un candide au pays de l'autofiction about Guy Delisle in Brussels September 14, 2020  to  December 18, 2020 | Arts and Culture Over the years, Guy Delisle, the successful author of Pyongyang (2002), Chroniques birmanes (2007) and Chroniques de Jérusalem (2011), has imposed his character of observer animated by emotions and astonishment, but always without...
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The exhibition ABELAM – Facing the stars in Binche thanks to the collection of Marc Assayag September 12, 2020  to  March 7, 2021 | Arts and Culture The Abelam, a people living in the North of Papua New Guinea, are known for the creation of exceptionally intense pictures. Their artistic production is in the centre of their cosmology. It is a real visual language which does...
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